The art of being unique

The art of being unique

The Art of Being Unique

Cartier’s uniqueness lies in the overall effect of its savoir-faire and techniques and its ability to unite rare crafts, preserving them in a constant search for innovation. 




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Reproducing the spirit
of the animal

To create Les Indomptables, the Cartier design studios take a novel approach to onyx, cut to size for the zebra or panther’s nose, and to diamonds, explored through several different setting techniques. A shagreen diamond setting that adorns all animals in their jewellery versions, a setting that maximises the stones’ radiance. An illusion diamond setting for the crocodile bracelet, which consists of faceting the shiny metal to create an illusion where diamonds and metal merge. And finally, a fur setting, which is unique to each animal: the traditional savoir-faire of the Maison used in jewellery making, each stone is encircled by tiny grains of metal stretched and curved to be transformed into fur threads that evoke the animal’s coat.




The art of

The challenge of this necklace from the Sixième sens par Cartier collection involves respecting the finesse of the design, while ensuring the necklace falls naturally. It’s also about creating a perfect balance between the different emeralds: selecting, classifying and arranging them in harmony according to precise criteria of colour, diameter and thickness. The art of threading is a delicate skill, which requires doing, undoing and redoing. Tying the threads several times and meticulously threading small stones.

The Tutti Frutti

The composition of this necklace lies in the harmony of its colours. The workshops aim to restore the naturalness of the branches and buds through an explosion of flower, fruit or palmette motifs, as well as smooth and fluted beads, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. The challenge is to combine different engraved stones with floral engravings, using a technique developed by the Mughals in the 17th century. This piece is part of the great tradition of transformable jewellery which can be adapted at will into pendants, brooches or necklaces without leaving anything visible.




the coral

Cutting the coral, a highly delicate material, is a feat in itself. The material could break at any time. The challenge of the Panthère Tropicale bracelet is further compounded by the choice of a radiating groove motif, made on tiny plaques of coral. 





A Cartier diamond meets the most demanding selection criteria and is examined by Cartier’s expert “eye”. Unique talent and expertise that help identify that little something extra from the most exceptional of gemstones. The Cartier difference.

The Cartier
Métiers d’Art

Cartier makes an art form of pushing the boundaries, constantly creating unlikely matches, fresh perspectives and new horizons... With straw and gold marquetry, Cartier reveals a dazzling watch and celebrates the vitality of the Métiers d’art.

The Tutti Frutti


The Tutti Frutti style is at the heart of Cartier’s repertoire. Its most recent expression is the Maharajah necklace, a High Jewelry creation which showcases an exceptional assembly of emeralds, sapphires and rubies, set in accordance with ancient Indian jewelry savoir-faire.   




Fur setting

For the panther, Cartier’s artisans use the technique of “fur” setting, a unique Cartier savoir-faire. One by one, the animal spots, in sapphire or onyx, are uniquely hand-carved. The jeweller surrounds them with grains of metal which he folds into tiny threads on the stone. The fur is amazingly lifelike, the material awakens and provokes emotion.  




The Révélation watch

Five years of constant exchanges in the workshops and two patent applications have presided over the birth of the Révélation watch. According to a technique inspired by the hourglass, the dial of the Révélation watch showcases a fleeting spectacle: depending on the movements of the wrist, 650 diamonds appear and reveal the jaw of a panther. Before disappearing again. A picture brought to life which combines advanced technology with traditional crafts.





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