Extend your warranty


As a courtesy gesture and in addition to the Cartier International Limited Warranty, the Maison will provide each Cartier watch or desk clock registered in Cartier Care with the services that are considered necessary to ensure the creation is running according to the Maison’s specifications.

This includes the complete service, water-resistance service, battery service and metal bracelet repair at times determined by the Maison.

The above does not apply in cases of:

  • Damages or functioning issues resulting from misuse, negligence, or accidents;
  • Straps, whatever the material;
  • Damages or functioning issues caused by improper use (knocks, dents, crushing to the case, crystal, bracelet or strap, etc.);
  • Alterations, tampering, dismantling or unauthorised modifications or repairs of the watch or desk clock;
  • Watch and/or desk clocks serviced, repaired or performed by anyone other than a Cartier Boutique, a Cartier Authorised Retailer or a Cartier Authorised After-Sales Service Centre, or caused by the use of components and/or accessories other than those recommended by Cartier;
  • Non-genuine watches and/or desk clock or where the serial number originally imprinted on the watch case is removed or not clearly legible, or where any part of the original watch back or any original number has been removed, changed, altered, replaced, erased or defaced.

The above services’ scope and extent are determined at the Maison’s sole discretion on a case-by-case basis and will be offered during the validity period of the Cartier International Limited Warranty.

This Cartier Care courtesy gesture is in addition to other rights or remedies available to you under relevant regulations and Cartier is free to amend the above at any time.


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