Panthère C de Cartier

If the panther were a bag, it would be this one, from its sculptural lock to its curved, feline lines.

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A Panther's calling card

The Maison’s emblem makes its mark on the Panthère de Cartier bag. It all starts with a delicate leather on which Cartier prints the fierce markings of its iconic animal. The bold imprint, designed by the Maison’s creative studios, takes the form of haute couture embossing that slashes across the bag.

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3 Things to Know:
The Panthère de Cartier Bag

Firstly, the curve of its lock, its volume, its C-shape with a profile accentuated by black lacquered markings, all of different sizes, adding a sense of life and movement to the animal. A collaboration between the designer and jeweller that required an ongoing dialogue from the first mould to the perfect form.

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